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What We Believe

We here at SABC, believe that the Bible is God's Word, fully inspired and infallible. That means that whatever the Bible clearly teaches, we believe. The Bible is the final and ultimate authority in all spiritual matters. God used his Holy Spirit to inspire the writers of scripture, and worked through history to bring us the completed book. The God of the Bible is a "triune" deity - He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all at the same time.

We follow Jesus, the resurrected Son of God. Jesus was born in the flesh by the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and then was crucified. In three days, God brought Him back from the dead. Jesus' death on the cross paid the price for our sins, and the resurrection demonstrated God's power over sin, and death. Through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, we have been given an opportunity to receive forgiveness of sins, live our lives in relationship with the One True God, and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. We believe that everyone who lives falls into sin, and needs salvation. This salvation comes only as one believes the story of Jesus' love and the sacrifice of His life as the only acceptable, righteous payment for the sins of each of us, as told in the Scriptures, then confesses their sin to Him, and asks Him to come into their heart and life.

The Church is made up of those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. It is God's 'body' on this earth, and has been given the responsibility of: 1) Ministering to those in need, 2) Strengthening and teaching Christians; and 3) Spreading the Gospel to everyone.

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