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Ministry Teams

We offer many ways for you to get involved in ministries at our church. Please take a look at the different ministry teams listed below. If you are interested in joining or would like to get more information about a ministry team, contact a church staff member or the contact for that Ministry Team.

New Members/Prospects

Contact – Calvin Snodgrass

Purpose - This team will visit, as soon as possible, visitors in our services who are prospects and return visitor's cards to the church office. This will be done to emphasize our Christian love and concern and our desire to have them continue to participate in our fellowship. All other prospects will be visited in a timely manner in order to share Christ's love and encourage their attendance at SAB.

This team will see that new members have an opportunity to meet church staff, tour the facilities, and participate in a pastor-led new member orientation class. They will be given a packet containing offering envelopes, church directory, church history, ministry team information, church constitution and letters from Pastor, Education/Outreach, Music and Student Ministers.

Bus Ministry

Contact - Tom Johnson

Purpose – This Ministry Team will provide transportation as needed to Sunday morning and evening services and Wednesday evening service. They will work with the Church Secretary to get names, phone numbers and addresses of those who call for a ride to church. It is the desire of this Team to make it possible for every person who has the desire to come to worship services at Salem Avenue Baptist Church.


Contact – Jim Barks

Purpose - This team will visit SAB members and others in our circle of care regularly during hospitalization. Our goal is to ease the stress of the hospital stay by showing sensitive attention to needs in Christ's name, and by staying in touch with the patient and their family.

During times of bereavement when a person is terminally ill or when the church is notified of a death, selected members of this ministry team will be notified and activated for service. Church members who have lost a spouse, parent, brother, sister, or child will be contacted on a regular basis through the first death anniversary. The team members will also assist with arrangements for out-of-town family when needed.

The team members will communicate status and needs to the church staff and deacon body on a regular basis.

Homebound/Nursing Home


Purpose - This team will visit our members and their loved ones who are confined at home or in nursing homes and have special needs. The team members are to be aware of these members and their families, by showing attention to identified needs, and to keep in close touch with the individuals and their families for as long as needed.

Team members will provide Sunday School literature and lessons as requested, tapes of sermons and special music from our church services, and communion to those who request it. Special music presentations such as the men's or mixed quartet and caroling will also be scheduled.

Family Life Center

Contact – Charles Patterson

Purpose - This team will work with church staff to plan for activities in the FLC and will assist in all aspects of building operation and upkeep. Specifically, the team will:

  1. Ensure that a team member or other volunteer is present when the FLC is open for activities.
  2. Enforce rules and regulations as stated in the FLC Use Manual.
  3. Provide any necessary assistance in completing custodial tasks related to FLC operation.

Special Services


Purpose - This team will work closely with church staff to provide planning for and assistance in all special church services and functions. This will involve the physical preparations for the following types of services: Baptism, Christmas Eve Service, Hanging of the Greens, Revivals, Homecoming Celebrations, Fall Festival Dinner set up, Tenebrae service, and other occasions that involve special services at our church such as High School Baccalaureate.


Contact – Ryan Feeler

Purpose - This team, in coordination with the Minister of Outreach/Education, promotes mission education and involvement in ministry projects. It will consist of individuals who are interested in, and committed to mission education and involvement.

  1. Educate the church of the general and specific needs of missions work, both at home and abroad, and keep the church informed of our responsibilities in the area of home and international missions.
  2. Lead the church in mission project involvement in the Rolla, MO area.
  3. Lead the church in "link-up" projects with other mission efforts, nationally and internationally.
  4. Establish ongoing relationships between the church and missionaries on the field.
  5. Develop and maintain an ongoing effort at bringing missions-related speakers and programs into our church.
  6. Lead the church in establishing and reaching missions offering goals.
  7. Inform church members of opportunities and needs of both short and long-term missions involvement opportunities.

Helping Hand

Contact – Travis Baker

Purpose - This team is to lend a hand to those in our church, who have had a personal hardship, i.e.: Widows, Widowers, homeless children, single parents, elderly etc. Needs may be met by supplying physical labor, providing friendship, making phone calls, referring those in need to the benevolent committee or counseling by pastor or other qualified person.


Contact – Leon Reed

Purpose - This team will help to develop recreational approaches to outreach and ministry. A variety of events will be developed and conducted, which will utilize the interests and hobbies of those in our area in order to draw the un-churched into our fellowship, and a relationship with God. Some of these events could be basketball, volleyball, exercise class, soccer, outdoor activities (skeet shoot, canoeing, fishing etc.)

Technical Arts

Contact – Ken Bergman

Purpose - This team is in charge of designing and presenting visual slides for announcements, worship services and special services.


Contact – Darlene Patterson

Purpose - This team is in charge of running the sound board during Sunday morning and evening church services and should be in place 30 minutes before services begin. They work with the praise team when they practice. They also help with sound for special events such as weddings, piano recitals etc. It is the responsibility of individuals using sound tech to pay them if payment is involved.


Contact – Jason Snackenberg

Purpose - To inspire greater effectiveness in and passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by the people of Salem Avenue Baptist Church. We will do this by providing a forum where those who have the gift of evangelism may "fan that gift into flame" through mutual encouragement, and by training each member of our church to share the gospel in the way that best fits their personality and temperament.

The Evangelism team will lead the people of our church to share Jesus Christ in word and deed across the street and around the world. We hope that the evangelistic temperature of our church will be raised, and people will know the joy of leading people across the line of commitment and faith.

Shoe Closet

Contact – Sudie York & Missy Sorrell

Purpose - is to minister to the disadvantaged in our community by supplying clean, restored shoes.

Operation Christmas Child

Contact – Rebecca Helm

Purpose - To work closely with our Church and Regional Director, Rebecca Helm, purchasing items throughout the year, packing, and mailing needed items to other countries involved in OCC in the fall.

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