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Salem Avenue Baptist Church has a rich history of ministering to college students, and a large number of our members are Missouri S&T alumni. Below are a few of the ministries at SABC to help college students get through their years of college here in Rolla.

Adoptive Student program: Families from Salem Avenue will "adopt" students who have come from another city to live here in Rolla while they attend college. What this consists of is basically a 2nd family to give the college student a home away from home. This program offers as little or as much as the student desires and families are encouraged to help the student where the student wants help. This may include Sunday lunches with the adoptive families or anything else both the student and the adoptive family choose.

Monday Night Volleyball: This runs from September through April from 7pm-9pm in our Family Life Center. All are welcome to participate no matter what your skill level may be, there are great teachers here to help get you better acquainted with the game of volleyball.

Sunday Morning College Class: This class meets in our Family Life Center from 9:45 – 10:45 and has engaging discussions on God's word. Come early at 9:30 for free donuts and Coffee in our fellowship hall.

College Lunches: Several times throughout the year we offer free lunches on Sunday afternoon immediately following our 2nd service.

Don’t worry about where to go someone is always on hand to show you the way.

If you don’t have a ride contact our church office 573-364-4442 and we can arrange one for you.

If you should have any questions concerning our college ministry please contact the church office at 573-364-4442

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