Salem Avenue Baptist Church: Associate Pastor of Youth and Outreach Position

Salem Avenue Baptist Church (SABC) in Rolla, Missouri is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of Youth and Outreach. SABC has a typical Sunday attendance of approximately 240. Rolla has a population of approximately 20,000 people and is home to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This, combined with Rolla’s small-town culture, leads to a diverse community and opens the door to a tremendous variety of missions and outreach opportunities.

Resumes should be directed to the church office email address:

Telephone Contacts:

Patrick Wilson - Senior Pastor 512-695-3290

Bruce Koen - Personnel Committee Chair Home: 573-364-0342 Cell: 573-578-2666


Position Description
Salem Avenue Baptist Church


The Associate Pastor of Youth and Outreach shall support the Senior Pastor in providing leadership, guidance, and pastoral care to the congregation. The Associate Pastor shall be responsible for leadership in planning, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive ministry to youth (defined as those in grades 7-12) and their families. The Associate Pastor shall also play a lead role in planning and implementing the missions and outreach ministries of the church.


  • A committed Christian with a growing faith and a passion for sharing that faith with all people, particularly youth (defined as those in grades 7-12) and their families.
  • Seminary graduate or equivalent experience and education.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and implementing ministry with youth and their families.
  • Demonstrated success in training and motivating volunteers to serve as leaders.
  • Religious beliefs consistent with those found in the 1963 version of the Baptist Faith and Message.


  1. Pastoral Care – Assist the Senior Pastor and other church leaders in the areas of visitation, bereavement care, and counseling.
  2. Leadership – Assist the Senior Pastor and other church leaders in the areas of worship and discipleship.
  3. Youth Ministry
    1. Lead the youth ministry of the church (defined as those in grades 7-12), including ministering to the families of the youth.
    2. Work closely with the Youth Ministry Council to plan and implement all aspects of the youth ministry.
    3. Coordinate the active involvement of the youth in the general congregation, and actively seek to involve the general congregation with the youth.
  4. Outreach – Provide a leadership role in the missions and outreach activities of the church.
  5. Administration
    1. Assist the Senior Pastor with administrative needs, as required.
    2. Provide input to the church through regular business and church council meetings.
  6. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor or by formal action of the church.

Associate Pastor of Youth and Outreach – Compensation and Benefits

WORK SCHEDULE – Salaried Exempt
COMPENSATION – To be negotiated
VACATION – The Personnel Committee reserves the right to set vacation leave commensurate with years of ministry.

Full Time Staff:
1 st year - 1 week paid leave
2 nd through 3 rd years - 2 weeks paid leave each year
4 th through 9 th years - 3 weeks paid leave each year
10 years and after - 4 weeks paid leave each year
Leave will be prorated for any portion of year worked.
If all the leave is not taken it can be carried over to the next fiscal year, up to a maximum carryover of 3 weeks.

SUPERVISOR – Senior Pastor is primary supervisor. Senior Pastor will conduct an annual written review of the employee and that review will be kept on file. The Senior Pastor will make recommendations to the finance committee concerning salary.